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Jessamy Walker - Director and Financial PlannerJessamy Walker

   Director and Financial Planner

The Financial Planner in the office helping you create and carry out your Financial Plan. I set up Brown Dog Financial Planning because I wanted your lifestyle to be the focus of our work

Brought up in Kenya, Sudan, Tanzania and Suffolk

Happiest being outside and even better on safari

Lives with the Original Brown Dog, Bramble and her friends, two horses and a Forrester

Favourite place is on the top of Exmoor

Financial planner for 20 years


Rachael Neller - Client Manager and ParaplannerRachael Neller

   Client Manager and Paraplanner

I am your first point of contact in the office dealing with any day to day questions and to help wherever possible. I ensure Jessamy is organised and we are prepared for your meetings.

Degree in Business with Economics

Has spent time travelling in New Zealand and volunteering in Fiji

Loves being outside in the countryside on cold but sunny days

Has a very cute & cheeky dog called Eric

Plays Lacrosse

Favourite colour is Blue


Sam Beddoes - Administrator and Client ManagerSam Beddoes

   Administrator and Client Manager

I am new to Financial Planning but have run the office in a busy racehorse training yard for years. I am responsible for the day to day running of the office and accounts.

Lives breathes and dreams racehorses

Has a cockerpoo called Lulu

Energetic mum to two

Hates the rain, loves the sun




Bramble the dog - Office Mascot and TimewasterBramble

   Office Mascot and Timewaster

I came from The Dog's Trust.

Loves diggin’ chasing, ratting

Best days are in the woods

Loves food more than anything apart from maybe her Lurcher friend Toby




Our Relationship and Fees

Eric beggingFirst Steps

It is always difficult to estimate how much time we spend working with you and how complex Your Plan will be. What starts out as a simple “When can I retire?” plan can become complex multi –stranded plan or a very simple “any time after next Thursday” plan.

Before we charge anything at all, we invite you in for coffee and a no obligation meeting. Come and chat through the sort of things you would like to cover. Bring your concerns and questions, no matter how silly you might think they seem, they are important and we want to know them.

We will give you an estimate of what we think the fees for understanding Your Situation and looking over and analysing all your existing plans will be. We take all your information, your paperwork and your goals and turn them into something you can see and give you some timescales for you to work towards. This is the most demanding part of our process and takes time to make sure it is accurate. We liaise with you and refine your plan until you are happy with it.

This can cost anything from £250 to £2,500 but an average cost is £1,250. You can pay for it directly or in some cases by taking the fee from your investment or pension plans. When we meet we’ll talk you through our Client Proposition Brochure, which explains our charges. Our promise is that we won’t do any work for you or incur a cost without discussing it and agreeing it with you first. If we need to move or change any of your existing plans or merge them together to be more effective then we will discuss any additional steps and charges as they arise. We will discuss this with you before we make any changes.

Eric with hatOngoing Steps

Your Financial Plan is a dynamic thing and will be constantly changing as life changes and throws different situations at you. We work to build a long term relationship with you and would expect to talk and meet regularly throughout our relationship. We will amend and update Your Plan as you move through life to reflect the changes in your goals and expectations.

We charge between 0.75% and 1.25% of your portfolio value for this service. Alternatively you can ask us to create your first financial plan and then manage it yourself on an ongoing basis. You can contact us for input on an hourly fee basis in the future if you prefer this route. All these choice will be discussed in full before you make any decisions or incur any ongoing costs.

Contact us

Come in for a coffee and a chat and see how we can help you

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Jessamy Walker - Director and Financial Planner

Rachael Neller - Client Manager and Paraplanner

Sam Beddoes - Administrator and Client Manager

Bramble the dog - Office Mascot and Timewaster

Eric begging

Eric with hat